Happy Heart

After receiving our LOA, our agency let us request some updates from the orphanage about James so that we can be better prepared for him to come live with us. Do you ever feel as though your heart might burst with joy? I’m totally there right now. I loved reading about him and seeing new photos. They also called him “your son!”

Some highlights:
~ He sleeps well and in his own “big” bed, and his general health is good.
~ He eats well by himself and is not picky about food!
~ He doesn’t talk much, but does say, “Mama.” What else does he need to say??
~ He is potty trained!!

It also says that he was shy at first, but now he plays a lot and is very curious, interested in everything, and cannot sit still. Sound familiar? He’ll fit right in with Brenna and Evan!! Also, it included his measurements, and he is about Evan’s height (if they’re accurate) but weighs more.

And here are some wonderful new photos (doesn’t his smile melt your heart?):

DPP_0012 DPP_0011 DPP_0010 DPP_0009  DPP_0005DPP_0007


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